Buyer’s Guide: Dishers

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Dishers: The Little Kitchen Tool You Never Knew You Needed

If you’re a stickler for portion control in a high-volume environment or you just want a quick and reliable method to plate menu items, dishers might be something you want to consider. They serve as both a measuring cup and a scoop at the same time…how awesome is that? These measuring scoops range widely in size so that you can achieve the perfect portion size every time. There is an established color-code and numbering system that reduces any confusion. As a general rule, the numbers depict the number of scoops needed to fill a 32 oz. container. Those different numbers are also each associated with a color. While it might look a little crazy, it is actually pretty straightforward once you learn what they mean. To help, we’ve generated the color-coded chart below that will help you determine what dishers are best for you. It is important to remember that scoop sizes can vary slightly between manufacturers, so to be safe, we recommend measuring yours before using it for maximum portion control.

We’ve found that Vollrath’s thumb squeeze dishers and squeeze handle dishers are generally the most accurate. In fact, dishers bearing the Jacob’s Pride® name are guaranteed accurate by Vollrath. Other premium dishers include those made by Carlisle. If you’re not as concerned with accuracy or consistency, there are great economy brands available as well. Check out thumb-squeeze dishers from ABC and Update International if you’re on a tight budget. Update International also has a line of economy squeeze-handle dishers if you prefer those over the thumb-squeeze type.

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We love using dishers, especially to make scrumptious, evenly-portioned cookies. Keep your eye out for a delicious recipe for Chai-Pumpkin Cookies, coming soon!!